The Comfort Zone Band

 TCZB Mosaic

Clockwise: Mary “Snow” Brown, vocals; Emmett “Rikk” Nixon drums, vocals; Sheldon Miller, keyboards,vocals; Robert Benson, bass guitar; Howard Wimbrow, guitar; John Wilson, saxophone, vocals.




22 comments on “The Comfort Zone Band


  2. We begin following this band two years ago in Delaware. They are incredible! The musicians are so talented and Snow Brown is an awesome, awesome vocalist. We are forever fans. Brenda & Francine

  3. Looking for your schedule to see what dates and where you guys are playing this
    summer. Thanks

  4. The band rock last night at the Boulevard. I truly enjoyed the music, it was my first time just because of you guys, Hadn’t seen the band in years. You were truly missed.

  5. Just saw the band tonite at Watkins Park. By far, the best band of the summer concert series. Howard was incredible on Guitar

  6. We were simply walking by on the sidewalk next to the Conch Republic in Rehoboth Beach last night. We heard some horns, then guitar, then a really great voice. Tight band, that C-Zone.

  7. Saw your show at Rehobeth Beach bandstand this past weekend. Just wanted you all to know that we really really enjoyed it. Thanks for putting on a great show.

    • Thank you Deb! We are glad you enjoyed the band and appreciate your kind words. It was a fun night for us as well. We look forward to performing at the band stand again in the near future.

  8. Rocked the proverbial house at Largo Town Center, 08/27/2015
    Dynamite Show, hat’s off to you all and special cudo’s to ‘Snow’ Brown who is one bad mamma jamma.
    But youz all are badder to the bone, great group of talented, wonderful musicians, we thank you for your presence.

  9. Thank you John, we certainly appreciate your kind words, and endorsement. Watching everyone out there dancing and having a good time always put’s a smile on our faces. We had a great time!

  10. Went to see Comfort Zone at the Ag Museum in Dover on Sept. 12, 2015. Never saw a musical show at this location before, but what a surprise. This band is truly great, they are all as one, and they all play off of each other. This band played as if they were playing for the President, full and rich. I think it was Mr. John Wilson, who sand so silky smooth and Ms. Mary, what can I say, I feel that your rendition of “Over the Rainbow”, was just as good if not better that Patti’s! Thanks for a great evening.

    • Thank you Milagros for your kind words. We approach all our performances with the same attitude. Big or Small we try to put on a great performance. When you enjoy what you do, and everyone is on the same page, it shows in your presentation. Again, we thank you for wonderful comments.


  11. My husband and I had the great pleasure of hearing your band the first time on December 12th at our Christmas Party, and I must say, “You all were absolutely fantastic!” Your selection of music was wonderful and together you all presented a great performance that was fully engaging and simply awesome! We couldn’t stop talking about how great you guys were! Good Luck and I hope to be able to enjoy more of your performances in the near future!!

  12. We brought a group down from Wisconsin to see you at OCC and then to find out it was canceled.
    So sad

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